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Large sections of tribal communities in India remain backward and the country cannot progress without uplifting them

About Us

Based in Kolkata, Santoshpur Tribal Development and Human Watch Society was founded in the year 2015 under the Societies’ Registration Act, West Bengal. The Projects taken up since the inception typically focused on relief oriented work, small ventures towards distribution of academic materials, extending relief works during the pandemic time in the Amphan and the Yaas affected regions of Maipith Island, Sunderbans, and distributing relief materials to economically struck wage earners during the pandemic.

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As is the case with many indigenous people worldwide, centuries of facing inequalities, marginalization and encroachment of their space have shaped the life of tribal communities in India. They live in difficult areas, relying primarily on subsistence agriculture and forest produce. The government’s tribal welfare measures have not reached all of them, and many lack access to education and opportunities to excel.

Our Objectives

Encourage healthcare promotion

Disaster management and development of alternative livelihood among the affected communities

Making scopes for sustainable climate resilient livelihoods using organic methods

Local Level Awareness Building To Reduce The Use Of Chemical Objects In Livelihood Practices To Make A Green World

Strengthen the Tribal and PVTG communities for mainstreaming

Awareness building for human rights, specifically among women and children

Realization of rights among the indigenous communities like, forest rights, practicing traditional tribal medicine and its knowledge sharing, right to have a sacred garden, etc

Development of sports related activities and encouraging the children and youths of comparatively backward sections to take up sports as an occupation

Our Vision

This organization believes in the wholesome development through sustainability, be it in terms of alternate livelihood generation to break the vicious cycle of unemployment; or realizing every person’s right to access the resources equally and sustainably.

Our Mission

Santoshpur Tribal Development and Human Watch Society devotes to work with the socially backward communities in different belts of West Bengal and also focuses in the inclusion works for the development and integration of underprivileged individuals, groups and communities in West Bengal. If situation permits, it is our target to reach nationwide.

The Faces Behind

Dr. Atrayee Banerjee

Dr. Madhurima Chowdhury

Souvik Kumar

Debangana Banerjee

Ashish Bandyopadhyay

Piu Bag

Sudhir Kumar Dutta

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