Construction Accounting 101: A Basic Guide

bookkeeping for construction business

Evaluating your overhead expenses can help you decide whether you can double down on something to bring in more leads for example or to make the decision to cut back on certain spending. Job costing allows you to evaluate your business from project to project and make minor or major adjustments in your budgeting to keep your business on track to your goals by the end of the year. Construction financial statements are important to keep track of your business and evaluate where you can improve or double down on. The more you can become familiar with these statements, the more you can grow your business in the right areas and identify those areas that could be slimmed down or use some work. Inefficiencies can be identified and the next piece of equipment can be identified as well as where the money is coming from.

It includes jobs like recording financial transactions and completing payroll. Construction accounting places a lot of focus on accurate job estimating and costing. It uses a cash basis accounting and construction contractors should consult with a tax advisor to get the best tax strategy for their business. We charge an hourly rate to evaluate your books and fix the problems we find.

Bookkeeping for Construction Contractors

You can sync it with your bank account to import expenses automatically or simply take a photo of a receipt to import it into your account. If you operate across state lines, you may also need to account for additional tax payments. The bookkeeping tips that serve a T-shirt company won’t necessarily work for your small business, so let’s take a look at some easy methods for how to do bookkeeping for small construction businesses.

There are numerous accounting software out there, so this article has come up with a list of the best bookkeeping software for contractors. Labour costs are less predictable as construction workers are paid by the hour. In addition, since most construction contracts want jobs to get jobs done as quickly as possible, work can also include overtime pay, which means crew hours must be carefully tracked.

Tax and Bookkeeping for Construction Businesses

However, if you maintain your cash flow carefully, you won’t be one of them. To record a construction cost, debit the construction in the process column and credit the cash column. This software is best for contractors who have multiple projects happening simultaneously. Construction Accounting understands that not every project works the same way.

Can QuickBooks be use for construction companies?

QuickBooks Contractor Edition is an efficient resource for so many companies, construction companies included! The ability to track costs, project timelines, and client information make Quickbooks the go-to resource for any construction company.

Before we continue discussing bookkeeping for independent contractors, there are some terms that we need to define. In comparison to other industries, like retail or manufacturing, construction contracting has several distinct traits from an accounting perspective. Overhead costs are determined by adding rent, utilities, in-office salaries, professional fees, travel costs, advertising, and marketing expenses together. Every small business needs a bookkeeping system that takes into account all the variables that make that business unique.

Xero Outsourced Construction Accounting Services

Because production can be less predictable, contractors often aren’t able to retain large amounts of inventory. As a result, the cost and availability of production inputs can fluctuate and require special, careful tracking and planning. It’s important to set aside time to keep these journals always up to date so that you can easily track business expenses and business receipts at any given time.

bookkeeping for construction business

Our The Woodlands, TX bookkeeping firm has worked with many businesses just like yours and understands how to meet your unique bookkeeping and reporting needs. We’ll make job estimating, job costing, and tracking expenses easier and more efficient so you can concentrate on running your work sites and finishing projects on time. We’ll keep your bookkeeping organized and find better ways to manage cash flow so you always know where your jobs and your business stand financially.

Over and under billing

Set up projects with the right budget set using the job costing module. Develop POs and subcontractor costs to use in projects, so there are no unexpected costs that come up. Once you’ve planned a project, manage it with the general ledger and payroll features. The payroll module uses Davis Bacon wage rates and includes union fringe and state tax rates. Every construction industry professional we work with benefits from our layers of expertise in bookkeeping, CFO services and management consulting. Don’t trust just any bookkeeper with your construction or home remodeling financials.

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