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Thus, it often holds great appeal to those in the recovery community. Another popular recovery symbol is that of an equilateral triangle centered within a sphere. This geometric merging of circles and triangles can represent two different things. This symbol is used particularly frequently as a small, discreet, AA recovery tattoo for those in Alcoholics Anonymous or a related 12 step program.

Rather than using words, many people like to use geometrical shapes as tattoos in order to represent their recovery. The AA triangle is such a geometric recovery piece and can be done by someone who is trying to lead a sober life. The AA triangle represents the 12-step program established in the USA to stop drinking. Some famous lines which are being inked all over the world are “one day at a time”, “stay true”, “never again”, and many more represent their drive to leave addiction and live a sober life.

Butterfly Sobriety Tattoo

Of course, while perhaps typically representative of a different path of addiction recovery, these sobriety tattoos can be used by any recovering addict. If you feel that a recovery tattoo can help in your journey to beat addiction and stay sober, then keep reading to discover the most popular pieces found within the recovery community. Just as with alcohol use, for example, body modifications can be healthy in moderation. A desire for tattoos can be a normal outlet for self-expression or a way to participate in counterculture movements with no risk of harm. However, it is important to be aware of the above warning signs to be sure interest isn’t crossing the line into addiction.

For that reason, in many countries, the concept of support groups has emerged. Here a group of people shares the hardships they have faced with their drinking problem in front of a group along with a moderator. “Whatever Dude” is Sia’s own personal interpretation of god and she has his name tattooed in red ink on the back of her right hand. A serenity prayer tattoo is the purest body marking that you can have. It looks stylish and also ensures that you always remember God, and this is regardless of whether you are a secularist or Christian.

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The recovery symbol is an important reminder that many others are also going through this experience and will be there for them during their journey of recovery. While it is most common to get the whole serenity prayer inked on one’s body, some people may choose to highlight a few keywords to make it more personal or less of a larger piece. Furthermore, recovery tattoos may also open people up to unwelcome questions and conversations about their experience with addiction.

At first glance, this simple design appears to be nothing more than a sunflower. But upon further inspection, you’ll notice a semicolon takes residence within the flower’s stem. The luck of the Irish meets the symbolism of the semicolon with this unique take. She has worked in digital media for over five years and is an expert on a range of topics, including tattoos, piercings, and culture. Her work can be seen across the web on Backstage Magazine, Merry Jane, Vulture, and more. Although they cannot change who you are, tattoos can help you create your identity, boost your confidence, and make you feel good about yourself.

Simple Sobriety Tattoo

Ultimately, there are several expressions that can fit the description of being symbolic for recovery. Of course, which of these sayings or symbols an individual chooses to use in their search for sobriety is up to them, and their own experience with addiction. Other forms of slang and insider terms can also be taken to mean AA involvement, such as using the expression “One Day at a Time” or referring to yourself as a friend of Bill W’s.

Tattoos and piercings should generally be enjoyed in moderation, much like other substances. ” ― Shirin NaghashlouIf you’re enjoying these quotes, make sure to read our collection of design quotes that will get your creativity flowing. Inking that important moment is like a trophy, and it constantly reminds them how beautiful their life has become after sobriety tattoos that. The best place to put these tattoos is on the wrist, forearm, ankle, shoulder, finger, and neck. Popular both among men and women, the concept of these sobriety tattoos is not only beautiful but also inspiring. So we decided recently to ask our readers about their tattoo ideas, and more precisely, about tattoos with a secret meaning behind them.

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While these sayings come off as trite to the casual observer, they serve as beloved messages that serve to encourage recovering alcoholics or other substance abusers to keep fighting. An example of these tattoos may include the words “booze-free” with a tally-mark underneath them, signifying the number of months, or even years, that a person has been sober. Furthermore, for many people, even a few words or a singular symbol can give them the boost they need to make it through particularly difficult periods in their recovery journey. This is especially true for people who may not have solid support systems in place. This design utilizes a semicolon as the body of a butterfly, with wings attached. The symbolic message offers a lesson on beginnings, ends, and new life.

What tattoo represents drug recovery?

Equilateral Triangle.

Although triangles usually represent AA principles, this symbol can also be applied to drug addiction. In fact, many recovery programs use the triangle to represent the re-connection of a person's mind, body, and soul as they become sober.

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