How to Hire a Node js Developer in 2023: Detailed Guide

He/she should be able to handle multiple databases effectively and should have the knowledge of integrating several databases into one. The developers should also know how to effectively maintain security while managing said databases. Along with it, proper knowledge of relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite and NoSQL databases like MongoDB, CouchDB, Orchestrate is also necessary. There are a lot of existing tools and projects that can make software development in Node.js much simpler.

There are many to choose from, if you haven’t yet picked a favorite. Asurvey by Eran Hammershows Express as having more developer share than all other frameworks combined. Hapi.js came in second, developed by Hammer himself, and then many other frameworks followed with small slices of market share. Benjamin is a solid developer with career highlights of working as a senior full-stack developer for a big data analytics startup, a payment processor, and a user testing service. He’s worked across the entire development lifecycle and specializes in the front end. Benjamin is meticulous with implementation details while always considering and balancing broader stakeholder concerns.

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If you’re searching for a Node.js developer, then you’ve come to the right place. This will help you understand their job better and hire the best one for your team. Your challenge will be to build a modern, scalable web application using Node.js frameworks (sometimes with TypeScript flavour!) and SQL technologies mostly on AWS Cloud.

Junior Node JS developer skills

Eastern European agencies are becoming more and more attractive to many businesses in terms of offshore app development. With over 150,000 skilled developers, Ukraine offers a fast growing information technology market and is an excellent offshore location among Junior Node JS developer job Western countries. Ukraine also provides a low-cost production platform and the prices for software development services there are extremely profitable for the customer. Moreover, this country is located in the most convenient time zone for many states.

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If you want to estimate the cost of your project, you can sign up for a free consultation in our company and we will tell you an approximate price. Apart from this, other technical skills that organizations should look for in Node.js developers is their proficiency when it comes to managing the workaround of asynchronous programming. Knowledge of other server-side programmings such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, HTML5, and CSS3 is a must. Proper Understanding of AWS is also necessary when investing in hiring Node.JS developers for offshore development.

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Use this list to make sure you’re keeping your skills fresh, or to see what it takes to level up and become a highly sought after Node.js Web Developer. Let’s now move on to understanding the various duties of Node.js developers. Moreover, Node.js operates on an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model. This model makes it highly efficient and lightweight; which is great for data-hungry apps that run on multiple devices.

We are currently developing a team of world-class Backend Developers obsessed with Node.js.

To get the most accurate prediction of the salary you might earn, customize the prediction in your Dice profile. While the front-end elements will be developed by your coworkers from another team, you will be responsible for their integration into the overall project. Therefore, you need to have a basic understanding of front-end technologies, as well as the roles and responsibilities of developers.

The team lead will be the one to work next to the developer and to be responsible for both success and failure. Define what kind of software engineer you really need so that this person best matches your goals. We handle everything from business analysis through the development and the product launch. Extend your staff with remote specialists that are fully under your control. We will adapt to your business processes fast and continue to adapt further as they evolve. In the end, having additional professionals under your control helps your team.

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LORIOT is a global scaleup operating in the Internet of Things industry. Our mission is to make IoT accessible to everyone in the world as we believe that technology plays an essential role in making our planet a better place. JavaScript | Node.JS | File system – Use NodeJS to read/write files in sync and async way, list directories recursively. TypeScript | React Hooks | Movies State Management – Complete movies management application using React Hooks by implementing state management to existing views. Node.JS | Rest API | News backend service – Implement a news backend service created in Node.JS with Vanilla JS including writing authorization and Rest APIs.

Junior Node JS developer skills

At LORIOT we promote a culture of talent, which is why we are looking for a professional to join and grow within the company rather than collaborating with agencies or freelancers. This breadth of knowledge is not a big barrier for front-end developers, who wish to migrate from browser work to the server. Allows developers to scale applications in horizontal and vertical directions. Reports from Indeed indicate that the number of job searches for Node.js rose by 57% from the previous year, demonstrating it’s growing demand. This special piece of tech is used by a whole host of tech-giants and multinational companies alike including Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, NASA, PayPal, Microsoft and Walmart.

As such, having a solid understanding of ES6 will significantly improve your JavaScript skills and update you to write modern and more readable/maintainable JavaScript code. This year marks JavaScript’s tenth consecutive year as the most widely used programming language, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey for 2022. Furthermore, the JavaScript tooling landscape has dramatically improved in recent years. As a result, Node.js and React.js are the two most popular web technologies among professionals and beginners. If the answer isn’t “No duh” then you need to “git” with the program!

Junior Node JS developer skills

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